About Us

We combine the ‘brainy’ people and the people of ‘heart’! We have a proven track record that none of our contemporaries can match. Our success is defined by helping our clients achieve theirs. Our WORK defines who we are. Our high fidelity clients have made us who we are today!

Our wide range of products belong to the categories that encompass but are not limited to Gift items, Accessories (Jewelry, Apparel, Bags, etc), Digital Xpressions (Electronics, Fountains, Lightings, Ceiling Fans, Room Fans, and so on) and Miscellaneous items. We are the KINGMAKER in all of the above products!

We at Goluram stress more on the hand-made products rather than the machine-produced commercial- for-profit low quality products. By purchasing from us you will not only get a beautiful unique collection of a lifetime, but also will be contributing to The National Handicraft and Textile and Rural Industries.

Throughout the history of businesses, people use data to make informed decisions. Our mission at Goluram is to make the Indian Economy more transparent and powerful by offering ‘Make in India’ products at an affordable rate!

We are dedicated to conduct business trustfully and reliably. We take every baby-step to protect the security and integrity of your data. We offer a top-notch customized backup system that ensures your team can use our products with ease, spending more time on the time critical MISs (Management Information Systems) that power your business. Also, we have a network of consultants who bring hands-on expertise and counsel services directly to the ‘Drawing Room Board’.

Throughout the course of our lifetime we hope to reach as many people as possible, the world over! We hope to build a brand that will uplift people and bring a ‘smile’ to people’s faces all across the globe!

Enough of our rhetoric! We will let our clients do the talking now!